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About Us

Starr Brothers Brewing Company was named after Heather and John’s three sons. The Starr Family wanted somewhere for people to be able to bring their loved ones to enjoy great food, watch sports and enjoy amazing beer. Heather and John opened Starr Brothers Brewing Company on January 19th, 2016. They absolutely love welcoming families in to enjoy gourmet food and to watch their favorite team on our 7 flatscreens!



Derek Minero

Derek Minero

General Manager

Derek has been with Starr since the beginning, and highly recommends his two favorite beers: StarrPhire and StarrStruck! Derek is a family man and loves spending his days off with his kids.

Rob Whitlock

Rob Whitlock

Head Brewer

Rob has always had a passion for all kinds of beers. He started brewing in his home about 10 years ago and joined our team from day one. If Rob had to choose between his brews, his favorite would be the StarrPhire Pilsner.

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